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MENA's 1st Digital Hub of Inclusion. Connecting People With Disabilities to Inclusive Jobs and Empowering Employers to Embrace Inclusion.

A man is wearing a traditional Arabic dress, he is working on a laptop and smiling, looking away from the camera lens.

Inclusion at Companies & Businesses

Hiring and Consultancy

A woman is wearing a formal blouse, and writing on a notepad, she is holding a pen in one hand. Her right hand is bionic.

For People of Determination

Upskilling Pathways

A man is observing art hung on a wall in a rectangular shape, the art is black and white and the man is wearing a brightly colored shirt and glasses, he is enabled by a wheelchair.

Toolkits & Learning Solutions

Tailor-built and more

A woman wearing an Arabic dress is making notes on her notepad, she is looking down at the paper and slightly smiling.

Baking-in Accessibility

Inclusion for all

Our Products

We deliver the most effective digital solutions, including the world’s first-of-its-kind inclusive hiring portal and the PropTech solution to implement accessibility. Our employers, registered companies and members benefit from the most advanced methods of integrating People of Determination into the workplace, community, and more.

A woman wearing a bright jacket is enabled by a wheelchair, she is trying to move her wheelchair up a wooden ramp, but the ramp has no floor leveling therefore, while she is smiling, it is a challenge for her to wheel up the ramp. The image reads, 'Infrastructure Accessibility Solutions as per Applicable Universal Design Code.'

Get Your Accessibility Action Report Today

To improve the lives of the elderly and People of Determination, ImInclusive offers ComplyPOD from its product portfolio in MENA. It helps governments, developers, and consultants enhance the accessibility of buildings to align with universal design codes or regulations to protect the rights of People of Determination and the elderly of our communities.

An individual is using a laptop, he is typing and focusing his gaze on the keyboard. The individual is a person with Down Syndrome. A lady is sitting next to him. She has shoulder-length brown hair. The image reads, 'Digital Hub for Employers and Job Seekers: Recruitment, Learning & More!'

Build Inclusive Workplaces with Us

ImInclusive Digital Hub is available for log-in to registered and verified members only. Members include employers, industry specialists, learners, and job seekers who gain access to multiple powerful features through our online portal.

Certified Social Enterprise

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